30 Things I’ve Learned and Live By.


  1. Learn to speak up on the things you know about and not worry or feel pressure to fill the silence about the things you don’t.
  2. Speak life into your own and those around you. Words have power. Choose pretty ones.
  3. Make your own decisions, stand firm, and don’t worry what others will think, say, or perceive.
  4. Quality time and being present is priceless. 
  5. Consistency is key.
  6. Your house and the spread doesn’t have to be perfect. Just invite your friends and family over anyway. Have them all bring something.
  7. Accept how people see/perceive you when you know it to be true. Smile and say, “Thank you.” 
  8. Don’t entertain thoughts that could break you down. 
  9. Listen to positive messages, podcasts, and read uplifting books often.
  10. Surround yourself with positive people. 
  11. Stay busy. Explore. Adventure. Date your significant other. 
  12. Be intentional with relationships. Have one-on-one time with family and friends.
  13. Keep learning. 
  14. Ask questions. Do more listening.
  15. Give compliments especially to strangers. They may need a smile today. 
  16. Think more on all that you ARE rather than the things you are not. 
  17. Answer the phone with a smile.
  18. Create vision boards. Speak out what you want.
  19. Be consistent with your goals. Give grace. Practice makes ‘progress.’
  20. Take in the beauty around you. 
  21. Be thankful in the small things.
  22. Less is more. Clean out your closet and storage often. 
  23. Tidy up your room after you’re done getting ready and your living spaces before bed. If anything, don’t go to bed with a dirty sink. 
  24. Dress for success, especially for the airport you never know if you need to skip the line to catch your flight. 😉 
  25. Your off day is another person’s on. Dress for the occasion. 
  26. Seek the presence of those you admire.
  27. Presentation is key. 
  28. Know what you’re good at and be proud of it. Humble yourself and ask for help if you don’t know. Then listen.
  29. Know your love language and ask your family and friends how you can love them well.
  30. Have faith in timing, talk to God, and listen when He answers and puts desires in your heart.
Just a light post and the few that came to mind first 🙂


Thank you Lord for this day and for all of you who I have crossed paths with thus far that have played a part in who I am and who I can happily say, I Love. That’s one of the greatest gifts! 

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-XoXo Laura Belle

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