Southern Belle Closet SALE

SO glad you are here!! Every time I share that I am headed to donate clothing, I receive messages saying, “We wanna see them first!” or “I want to shop!” So….here we are! Below you will find various items from: pants, dresses, rompers, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, as well as casual tops. I hope you find something you like, if so Tag me when you receive it!  🙂

Happy Shopping!!

How to shop:

  1. Browse the sale.
  2. See items you like? Send me a DM @southern_belle_living with the number(s)
  3. After I answer any questions about the item you may have and we confirm it’s yours…
  4. You will choose the form of payment that you feel most comfortable with (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle).
  5. You will send me your address wherever you feel most comfortable (DM, email, private Venmo, etc.)
  6. I will ship it out to you ASAP!

*NOTE*: Shoes and jeans are not for sale

Pants and Dresses: $18


Rompers & Dresses: $18



Tanks and short sleeve

Tops: $12



Long sleeve Tops: $12


Strapless and short sleeve tops:


That’s all for now! Thank you for stopping by! Like I said, DM me any number(s) you are interested in OR have a question about and we will go from there! Most everything is size SMALL, with the exception of a couple being XS (#5, #11, #26, #24) and #19 being a Medium.


XoXo~Laura Belle

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