10 EGGciting Easter Basket ideas


10 categories for creating an Easter Basket:

Hi! Somebunny is SO happy you’re here! Below, is a guide to help inspire you when building a basket full of love for your littles. Below each category, you will find direct links to some of these items should you discover a ‘must-have’. My hope is that you have an EGGcelent time creating this year’s Easter basket while embracing the EGGtra time we’ve all had with our loved ones. 

1. Personalized Easter Basket:

2. Something to Read:

3. Something to Honor the Holiday based upon your beliefs:

4. Something to Wear:
    1. Bathing suit
    2. Shorts
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Sun Hat, bucket hat, ball cap, straw hat
    5. Jellies
    6. Crocs
    7. Sneaker
    8. Sandals
    9. Cloth Purse
    10. Cap

5. Something to play with:
    1. Race cars
    2. Babydoll
    3. Barbie Doll
    4. Whistle, Harmonica, Recorder

6. Something for Spring & Summer Fun:
    1. Monogram beach tote
    2. Monogram Beach Towel

7. Something Silly:
    1. Silly String
    2. Silly putty
    3. Water Balloons
    4. Hatching baby Dinosaur eggs
    5. Eyes pop out squeeze toy
    6. Slinky
    7. Multi-Color Click Pens
    8. Jumbo Slow Rising Squishier

8. Something to do:
    1. Coloring book
    2. Puzzle
    3. Game
    4. Chalk
    5. Boomerang
    6. Stickers
    7. Dot markers
    8. Paint by numer
    9. Paper Doll
    10. Terrarium

9. Healthy Snacks:
    1. Annie’s Whole Wheat Bunnies
    2. Angie’s Boom Chick A Pop
    3. Munk Pack Fruit & Oatmeal Squeeze
    4. YumButter
    5. Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze
    6. Lifeway ProBugs
    7. RX Bar Kids & Larabar Minis
    8. KIND Bars
    9. Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Crackers 
10. Age Appropriate Candy (a little bit) :
    1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg
    2. Cadbury Mini Eggs
    3. Cadbury Creme Eggs
    4. Starburst Jelly Beans
    5. Peeps Marshmallow Chicks
    6. Hollow Chocolate Bunny
    7. Easter Hershey’s Kiss
    8. Tic-Tacs
    9. Gum
    10. Pez


I hope you found this post to be helpful, reminiscent of your childhood, and an inspiration to create not just an Easter basket but memories with your family to cherish forever. If you feel it could inspire a friend, I hope you will share it. Thank you so much for hopping over to my blog. You are EGGtra special to me!


XoXo ~ Laura Belle




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