How do you Give and Receive Love from your Family?

Family . is . everything .

The question is how do YOU show love to each person of your family? Do you play cards with your grandmother? Watch the final PGA Tour round with your dad? Go for a run or a studio fitness class with your sister? Help your mom or mother in-law in the kitchen? Go fishing or to a sporting event with your brother? Watch your nephew’s baseball game? (Trying not to cry as I write this…I wish I could do these things more often. The Lord has us in Texas for now and we are content with this chapter because we know who our author is 🙂 ) Okay, back to regular posting….

How do THEY show love to you?  Do they help you in the garden? Do they go with you to an afternoon matinee? Do they accompany you at the mall or at the nail salon? Do they binge watch Netflix with you all day?

We all have different interests and feel and show love differently. It just takes that extra intention to show love to each individual person in our family, based on what interests them and how they feel love the most.

Maybe you don’t know? And that’s okay! The first step would be to ask them, “How do you feel loved by me?” or “How can I show you love?”

As for me, my family on both sides, show me love in many way. My favorite is agreeing to family photoshoots. 🙂 They don’t know how happy this makes me. Not only because I love photography and photos but I love us all being together and the memories we make. ♥

His Side:



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My Side:

I am incredibly Blessed with amazing families! And miss them everyday! I love you!

Now, I challenge you to ask your family “How can I show you love?” or “How do you feel loved by me?”

XoXo ~ Laura Belle 



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