A Toddler’s Gift Guide

“Toys are Children’s words, and

play is their language.” – Garry Landreth 


Toys for Building:

  1. Duplos $23.99                 2.  Carboard Blocks Set                    3. Wooden Blocks

More Great Building Toys:

Musical Toys:

  1. Piano $55.99                         2. Kidi Jazz Studio $39.99           3. Percussion Set $29.99

More Musical Toys:

Art Toys

  1. Preschool Readiness $18.99.             2.  Easel $63.99                       3. Kid $4.99

4. Mess Free Coloring $5.49       5. Collage Farm $13.19.          6. Button Art $11.50

More Art Toys:


  1. ZINGO  $19.99.                      2. Feed the Woozle $19.99                3. Lucky Duck $16.88


More Games:

Toys for little ones

  1. Peek a Boo Bear            2. Laugh and Learn $12.99        3. Peek-a-boo Minnie $19.97      

More for Little Ones:


         1.Let’s Play $15.99               2. The Thank You Book $9.99       3. Pete the Cat $13.47


More Books:


 I’ve worked with children my whole life and have devoted my career to empowering and nourishing their growth and development. So a “Toddler’s Gift Guide” was a no brainer for me!  Also, very fun! I’ve shared all of my favorite toys with you and hope you found it helpful! Please feel free to pass this along to your family and friends who may have kids or grandkids this age as well! And thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post! It means more than you know!

XoXo ~ Laura Belle 



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