Moving *Blog Post* !

Maybe if I take a nap under this hat, I’ll wake up and we’ll already be moved into our new place!

We decided to move since my husband’s car got stolen 🙁 It was not fun and really scary to think that happened right outside our apartment and scary for me thinking of the information they obtained inside the car. Luckily, we didn’t see any repercussions of that directly. PHEW! But unfortunately, the police were not able to recover the car but we were blessed to get into a dream family car! It has a mirror already built in to see children in the backseat 🙂 That’s my favorite part!

So, after exhausting so many apartment options in the DFW area (We had a specific list of Must-Haves), we decided to move into the sister property of where we were. This allowed for a free transfer since we were essentially breaking our lease. We found a lovely one-bedroom apartment on a first floor, with tall ceilings, same color palette we love, the ability to have a grill, AND a lake view! We are happy happy campers! We know, believe and trust in where God closes a door He opens another one!

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XoXo ~ Laura Belle


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