*Blog Post* The power of our Thoughts

God’s presence and grace is always around us. The trick is channeling our thoughts in a way that we learn to see and recognize it in action.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you start thinking about getting a new car, you start seeing the one you want EVERYWHERE all of a sudden? Or if you start thinking about someone, they pop-up on ALL social media channels? Oh…The power of our thoughts. It’s a real thing! What we dwell on comes to pass. So, why dwell on being fearful? If you live in fear, you may miss out on so many daily reminders of God’s love for you.

Personally, I’ve been reacquainted with the power of letting go of fear and stepping out in faith. The very MOMENT I stepped out in faith I began to see clearly how often my day was sprinkled with reminders of God’s love, provision, presence, and protection in my everyday life!

When we live in fear, our vision to see these gifts become blurry. When we stand on our faith, we are able to see His hope and faithfulness in our everyday lives again. I don’t know what you’re going through but can I encourage you to step out in faith so that you too can see all the sprinkles of His love and presence he’s set aside just for you, everyday.?!

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XoXo ~ Laura Belle


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