Declutter.Compromise.Less is More.

New year, new home, and NEWly married…life is good and I am so thankful for all that I have learned about my new hubby and myself in the last year.

As Kevin and I began our search for where we would start our lives together, the journey was a long one. One that I would do over and over again! We spent countless hours on the weekends visiting every open house we could find, local fixer uppers, model homes in new developments, you name it. We loved the free entertainment, (free water and occasional cookies 😉 and learning each other’s style. Not to mention, I was brand new to Texas so this really helped me to get acquainted with my new city. At the beginning, Kevin’s taste was extremely modern while mine, on the other hand, was very Farmhouse with a touch of ‘glam.’ So we had our work cut out for us on how we would settle this difference. Fortunately, during our searching process we grew SO much closer and if you can believe it our styles met in the middle coincidentally! As a newlywed, I will say that we both want the other to be so happy that I do think that helped us along in the ‘compromising’ department as well 😉 After all that searching, everything we were looking for in a home we found in a brand new two-bedroom apartment about 30 minutes northwest of Dallas. The color scheme was exactly what we were looking for, the space, the storage, the first floor, AND it was inspired by New York City’s Industrial era which had me written all over it. It was just meant to be! We made our requests known but then we didn’t let our hearts worry about the outcome. We had faith and trust and BOY did God deliver! He is so so good!

One thing I know for sure is that we communicate very well. It’s the most important thing! We both communicated what we liked and didn’t like. We are both pretty easy going so if there was something that came up that we really did NOT like, it wasn’t an issue that was pressed much after. If he didn’t like all-glass-coffee tables, I did not push it. I knew that for HIM to say he did NOT like something, I wanted to honor that, because that happened very seldom. Now if for every five things I loved, and he disliked four of them….that would be a different story 😉 [Phew].

That’s where communication and compromise came in. Our coffee table, for example, I knew he liked Industrial and he knew I liked Farmhouse so we found a mix of the two AND we were able to support a local craftsmen. For our couch, he wanted a sectional, so I found a light colored one (and the most comfortable one I’ve ever sat on) and…viola! Our rug has glitter in it 🙂 I got lucky on this one because it was close to the style he was picturing and so the glitter was just icing on the cake! All the whites you see, you may be wondering how that was so easy for him. Well, it’s actually one of his favorite colors AND if I were to send him in a store to buy me a top, he would choose white every-time, he loves it! [wife win 😉 ] Our headboard is my favorite compromise of all. He wanted square edges and I wanted round. It was as though the one we chose was MADE for us! We couldn’t be happier! I think the secret was his willingness to make me happy made it so easy for me to search until I found something that I felt would make him just as happy too.

As you can see, we don’t have a lot on our walls or a lot of decor. I wanted to take a less is more approach and make a conscious effort in 2018 to limit the clutter. I know one day we will have little ones running around and all of their things and memories I will want to keep forever and have on display. So for now, I am soaking up THIS special season together! I hope you enjoy our little oasis as much as we do 🙂










Well, I declare…that’s all she wrote, ya’ll. Blessings of Grace & Peace be with you today and always!

“Our first home, where Love & Dreams join together.

Where Today & Tomorrow become Forever.

xoxo ~ Laura Belle


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