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“It’s Monday! Time to Win the Week! #SAYit #BELIEVEit 💛 ”

I’m reading a great book right now called Hustle, Believe, Receive. It Talks about how to go after your dream and what to tell yourself everyday, multiple times a day to get there. First, you have to dream it by creating a movie in your head. For me, it’s picturing my dream ocean-front oasis 🙂 Nothing is out of the question in this stage. Then, you say it outloud to yourself and others. If you find people who doubt it, re-evaluate that friend and surround yourself with those who believe in you. Next, hustle everyday to get to your dream, be flexible, and don’t let set backs hold you back, keep going!  It’s a GREAT read! I’m flying through it, which says a lot 😉 Click Here for your Copy of Hustle Believe Receive and let me know what YOUR movie looks like!

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XoXo ~ Laura Belle

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